17 May 2006


There is a massive and urgent need for political pressure to make politicians act on the climate change issue. This is something I have been involved in for some time and have determined to raise awareness and drive action. This blog is new, but I already have a website dedicated to the issue here and this is linked to a Yahoo discussion group which you can subscribe to below.
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The key, I think, to achieving the goal of avoiding severe climate change, is for all activists to support each other. Keep talking to new people, by all means, but also network and connect to other activists - even if you don't entirely agree with their approach. I will be trying to post here at least once a week with opinion pieces, but my main effort is with the discussion group, linking to news stories and generating debate. Please join us, and create connections.


maggie said...

my name is Maggie, and i write for Craig Baird's CanadaClimate blog. i'd like to be a part of your blog, too. ok if i send the link out to a few friends and add it to my space as well?
lemme know.

Co2emissions said...

For sure.

I'll look into the blog-sharing thing, but in the meantime, advertise-away :)