13 Sep 2006

Special Relationship?


The special relationship between the UK and US has been much in the (UK) news recently.

Bush and Blair believe al-Qaida threatens our way of life. They are wrong, and the Tory leader seems to get it Falconer accuses US of affront to democracy Sir Digby attacks special relationship with US Cameron criticises 'simplistic' White House

This has a significant relevance to climate change politics.

The UK political arena is firmly on board with making climate change a top priority - no serious contender for government says otherwise. In the run-up to 2012 and post-kyoto agreements, it is essential that the next US president (I've completely given up on Bush) be campaigning with the awareness that the US's closest ally is getting antsy about what the last 6 years have brought to the relationship.

My hope is that this November's elections will see a Democratic revival and the ousting of much of the oil-fired Republican old guard. It may force Bush to make concessions on climate change, but more importantly, presidential candidates on both sides will know that they will have to deal with a more moderate, environmentally aware senate and electorate.

And with the UK and US both willing to set ambitous targets for reducing oil dependancy, cutting emissions and encouraging the developing world to adopt clean technology, with the EU already on board, I see no reason why the 2012 agreement shouldn't be something we can all welcome.