13 May 2007

1000 Green Logos

This site is trying to assemble advertising logos for 1000 companies who are promoting green initiatives for the coming year. He is trying to get the word out and I've said I'll help. Please pass this along on any forums you are using. NB I have a reservation about what the money will be used for, but as everyone has to make a living, I'm not overly fussed.


The Weltalter said...

We like your site and have added it to our blog roll. Our blog, My Green Element (www.mygreenelement.com) covers green business and marketing trends. I was hoping we could be added to your blog roll. Also, if you are interested in writing a guest post, please let me know.

Co2emissions said...

Done and done. I'll try to post here more often as well, but I've had a busy few months and most of my energies are directed at the Yahoo group of the same name (which you are welcome to join and contribute to)